Question and Answers on marble polishing abrasive stone.
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Question and Answers on marble polishing abrasive stone

How many kinds of Marble Abrasives Fullux Abrasives can offer?

As per production technique and marble polishing process, we are offering magnesite bond Frankfurt abrasives, Synthetic bond Frankfurt Abrasives, Oxalic Acid 5 Extra, Cleaner, Nylon Cleaner Polishing Pads, Frankfurt Antique Brushes and Bush Hammer, etc.

How to judge the life and polishing effect of marble abrasives?

For the polishing effect, if the polishing surface of slab will appear as honeycomb structure with high glossiness and without any scratch, we can conclude the polishing effect is good.

For the life, usually in China we calculate by hours. for Fullux Magnesite abrasive, it can polish 7 to 8 hours, for Fullux Synthetic Abrasives, it can polish 15 to 20 hours, for Fullux 5 extra abrasives, it can polish 5 to 6 hours.

How many types of slab surface?

Polished surface, Matt Surface and Litchi Surface

For the abrasive grit match on single head polisher and line polisher, what is the difference?

The rule is the same, the back grit must cover the grit ahead.Usually divide the back grit by the grit ahead, and you get a number no more than 2. but for single head polisher, it is recommended not to use too many grits and we can eliminate some grit number to increase the polishing efficiency.

Can we check the quality of marble polishing abrasive by appearance?

We can check the formation and production technique of the marble polishing abrasives by appearance and estimated quality but the performance or quality should be tested on polishing machine. Based on abrasives appearance, it is hard to comment.

What effect on slab surface if not well polished?

Scratch, not shinning on the edge of slab or tile, shadow, crack etc

About Us: Fullux Abrasives is a China factory with the biggest production of marble polishing abrasive stone in China, we are in mass production of Frankfurt Abrasives for marble, travertine, artificial stone, hope to help you do better polishing at lower cost.

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