​Cost-saving Diamond Fickert for Granite Polishing
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Cost-saving Diamond Fickert for Granite Polishing

Some factory customers are complaining that they spend a lot in granite polishing abrasives,if so, you’d better put some diamond fickert on first few steps to calibrate and remove granite stock from your slabs or tiles, when checking the unit price, diamond fickert would surely much higher than magnesite fickert, but you are guarantee to be refund back with much less production cost in the long term production. Let us see the benefits from using diamond fickerts on your granite polishing lines.

1. Faster Calibration and Stock Removal;

high aggressive diamond particle are inside the diamond metallic fickert, it gives more grinding capacity to the diamond fickert,while magnesite fickert is more with silicon carbide and other abrasives, which is less abrasive than diamond particle, on the calibration or stock removal step, diamond fickert would do a much better job than magnesite fickert, it saves much processing time and results in higher production efficiency;

2. Much higher production efficiency and less electricity consumption

With fast aggressive grinding and calibration, it shorten the processing times and also save much more magnesite abrasives or resin abrasives in the following processing steps. And this would help improve the production efficiency, less polishing time but same polishing results or even better, in this way it increase the production efficiency and lower down the production cost with less electricity consumption (also less friction and impact generated from the polishing heads to the machine and it saves electricity consumption as well).

3. Less stone waste generated and less labor cost

Magnesite Abrasives itself is kind of bonded block from chemical materials and then it grinds or polish onto granite slabs or tiles, it itself will spend little but little and final wear off to the bottom of the fickert base plate, in this process, these chemical materials would have a physical and chemical contact or reaction with granites and fall off one by one, and resulted in lots of residuals or waster. When use diamond fickert, since it last really long, a 15mm height diamond

fickert might could be as durable as tens of cartons of magnesite abrasives, you could see now how many waster produced by magnesite abrasives. Let us take it for example, I know, it could be more, 1pc Diamond Fickert = 10 Cartons (240pcs) of Magnesite Fickert.

And since the abrasive consumption is much slower, operator is not need to replace abrasives as often as that for magnesite abrasives, it saves labor for the production and meanwhile, with less stone waster generated, no need to put more labor cost in cleaning the stone waster from time to time and less pollution to the environment and maybe less funds from local governments.

Finally comes to the production cost, if one diamond fickert cost about 100US$ while the magnesite cost you about 0.5US$/pc, i.e. 10 cartons of 240pcs magnesite fickert cost you 120US$, you could see which one should be preferred. If you are new to diamond fickert in your production system, you might think that it would be risky to test but I am going to say that testing the diamond fickert would be more benefit less lost to your production, and you surely will like it after your introduction to your production.

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